Issues Overview

Tensegrity”, a term first coined by Buckminster Fuller, is a principle generally applied to describe those structures that are held together by a grid of tensile forces that are dependent upon one another. Here, Susan is using the term to illustrate the inter-relatedness of Boulder’s key issues, and to emphasize the importance of working together to achieve our common goals.
The following diagram illustrates the key “tensegrous” issues that contribute to this complex framework we call the City of Boulder.  Susan is humbled by the amount of expertise that’s available in our town in any one of these areas, and she hopes to leverage that experience as she learns more about our City’s inter-related needs.
While there are many more issues to address in our town than those captured here, Susan hopes that the views she presents here will give you some insight on how she might represent YOU on City Council.

Please click on an issue to see where Susan is coming from and a brief discussion of their inter-relationships.



Boulder's Issues