Meet Susan

Susan is a recently-retired professional engineer, who spent her career inspiring people to achieve big, innovative ideas.  Now, she is passionate about standing up for the things that make Boulder great, as directed by the people who live and work here.

 Top priorities on Susan's list:

  1. Better management of growth, development, and traffic.

  2. Getting more serious about climate action.

  3. Respecting and protecting Boulder's natural beauty and environment.

  4. Fostering a diverse, vibrant and sustainable community that is accessible for people of all economic levels.

  5. Challenging Boulder city staff to be more data-driven and more accountable to their constituents, the people who live in Boulder.

“My parents instilled in me that

'you should leave a place better than you found it.' 

I came to Boulder 25 years ago to raise my son in a place where he could ride his bike to soccer practice, a place that was inclusive enough that I would see his teachers at the grocery store and our mailman at the coffee shop, and a place that was dominated by our respect for the beauty of the outdoors.  It worked out great for both me and my son, and I want to do my part to ensure it continues to be a great place for future generations of Boulderites.”   -Susan Peterson

 Susan says:

Let's not "pave paradise to put up a parking lot!"

Big Yellow Taxi

by Joni Mitchell

 A Few of Susan's Highlights 

  • Founder of the business sales program at Renewable Choice Energy, where she was instrumental in the sale of wind energy certificates to Whole Foods, nationwide.

  • Former Chair of Thorne Ecological Institute, where she helped bring the City, the school district and the non-profit sector together to change Sombrero Marsh from a dump to an environmental education center.

  • Former PLAN-Boulder County board member.

  • Co-founder of “The Blue Line”, a non-profit corporation informing Boulder residents about political, controversial and provocative city and community issues.

  • Activist for fair distribution of subsidies to underprivileged children at Columbine Elementary during the 6 years her son spent there.

  • Retired engineer and business executive with 40 years of worldwide experience leading teams to great success in structural engineering, electronic design automation, telecommunications and renewable energy.

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Artsy and Adventurous

Susan is a long-time patron and appreciator of art in many forms.  She has recently performed in local theater.

Having traveled far and wide for business and pleasure, including Europe, India, Asia, and Patagonia, Susan sees value in all cultures and ways of life.