Healthy Business

As a business person herself, Susan knows that a healthy job base is an important part of the health of Boulder.

The challenge is to make sure that the job growth doesn’t get out of balance with the other priorities in our town.  For the last few decades, we’ve cranked the dial hard on job growth.  Now it’s time to ease up and let the rest of our priorities catch up.

Susan also supports programs to continue to build locally owned, independent businesses…the businesses that help define our unique character.

Susan, with her colleagues at Renewable Choice

Healthy Business' Relationship to:


Managed Growth, Less Traffic: Our 60,000 in-commuters are a direct result of our business prosperity.  By spreading jobs more equitably to the cities around us, we can significantly reduce traffic and the demands on our broader infrastructure.

Climate Action:  The unfortunate effect of too much business in Boulder is the stress that the jobs/housing imbalance puts on our climate.  Distributing our workforce to other cities in the region may be the best way to mitigate the environmental effects of in-commuting.


Housing Diversity: Providing housing that better matches that need of our local workforce, singles and families alike, is important for a healthy business environment.


Open Space: We may not be able to quantify it, but Susan believes that our access to Open Space is one of the things that fosters a healthy and creative workforce for Boulder.


Social Justice:  Providing a variety of jobs, for a variety of skill sets and levels of education is an important part of a healthy business community.  Sharing jobs with less economically advantaged communities in our region is a matter of social justice.

Arts and Culture: Fostering businesses based on the arts and creativity has always been a natural inclination for a beautiful place like Boulder, and we should do all we can to keep it that way.

Good Governance: A healthy business environment, one that respects the priorities set by the citizens and the City Council, is paramount to balance in our community.  When business takes the initiative to go around City Council (as was recently the case with the Boulder Chamber of Commerce driven action to apply for and get an Opportunity Zone grant without the knowledge of Council) our community gets thrown off balance in favor of special interests.  Susan would take steps with City staff and business leaders to ensure that this does not happen again.