Arts and Culture
Susan has had a long relationship with Arts and Culture, choosing to minor in Dance – for some, a strange combination with her major in Engineering – but for her, an expression of her personal art that fueled her creativity. 

She is a long-time supporter of local artists by virtue of collecting their work, and she has participated as an actress in the Fringe Festival, more than once.  She has first-hand experience that the arts do indeed feed our souls and inspire action.

Susan would promote all programs to encourage continued support for our many cultural treasures, including but not limited to BMOCA, The Dairy Center, Chautauqua, Dushanbe Teahouse, the Shakespeare Festival, eTown, the Boulder International Film Festival, the Fringe Festival, and so much more!  How lucky we are to live here.

Art and Culture's Relationship to:


Managed Growth, Less Traffic: Great art happens when we have room to breathe!


Housing Diversity:  The aesthetics of the variety in our neighborhoods, and development of appropriate scale to a community is a critical component of our everyday enjoyment of our collective home.


Open Space:  Since the days of Chautauqua’s formation and before, artists of all kinds have been inspired by our mountain splendor.  Preservation of Open Space ensures that this inspiration with continue to be available for generations to come.


Healthy Business:  Fostering businesses based on the arts and creativity has always been a natural inclination for a beautiful place like Boulder, and we should do all we can to keep it that way.

Social Justice:  The Arts offer us all a way to speak the same language and can often provide perspective that it’s difficult to put into words.  Experiencing one another’s cultures through artistic expression is an important part of the fabric of our City.

Susan supports the Boulder Arts Commission and the Office of Arts and Culture adoption of the Americans for the Arts Statement on Cultural Equity and will take steps to align the work of cultural affairs to these principles:


“To support a full creative life for all, we commit to championing policies and practices of cultural equity that empower a just, inclusive, equitable nation.”


Good Governance: Especially in Boulder, it is the responsibility of City Council, Planning Board and City Staff to promote the beautification of our fair City with Arts and Culture threaded throughout all public works, and to promote the use of multiple mediums of expression to inform and encourage our citizens to “do the right thing.”

Here is Susan, front-and-center, performing in a play about racial insensitivity at the "Fringe Festival"